Oman has various tourist attractions, particularly within the realm of cultural tourism. Muscat (Capital of Oman) was named the best city to visit in the world by American travel guide publisher Lonely Planet in 2012, and was chosen as the Capital of Arab Tourism of 2012.

What is tourism like in Oman?

Many people speak English; the roads are generally quiet, tarmacked, and in good condition; and crime rates are very low. We felt totally safe in Oman and never worried about theft or scams or experienced any hassle. Oman is one of the most stable countries to travel in the Middle East.


  1. Oman offers some amazing off-road driving.
  2. The Omani people are so kind and welcoming.
  3. Wild camping is legal in Oman.
  4. You can find wonderfully secluded wadi pools.
  5. Oman has many beautiful beaches.
  6. The mountains in Oman are stunning.
  7. The Oman desert is impressive.
  8. Oman has many well-preserved historic forts and castles.
  9. The roads in Oman are well-maintained and very quiet.
  10. There are virtually no tourists in Oman.