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wasel camp

Desert Nights Camp, Al Wasil

Desert Nights Camp, the only luxury desert camp in Oman, is an ideal base for your Arabian Desert adventure, with spectacular craggy mountains in the distance, endless dunes and crystalline wadis. It is only a two hour drive away from Muscat, the capital of the Sultanate of Oman. The camp is sprawled across 10-acres of silken sands, secluded 11 km within the vast isolation of the Omani desert. 39 luxurious Bedouin style tents await those who seek the ultimate desert adventure vacation at the finest Oman boutique hotel.


Dunes By Al Nahda

Dunes by Al Nahda is a tented, luxury hotel in the South Batinah region of the Sultanate of Oman – where luxury meets adventure. Just 50 minutes south west of Muscat International Airport, Dunes showcases the finest Omani craftsmanship of this diverse country. Located in the heart of the desert with the majestic sand dunes overlooking the hotel and surrounded by the golden sands of the Wadi Al Abyad, Dunes is a jewel in the Omani Crown.

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