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Our tours and activities are chosen carefully among dozens of what the market offers.



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Whether it’s a mountain, desert, history, heritage, nature tours, we will find the right plan for you.

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Looking to get the best out of your holiday? Let us help by getting you a great holiday… toursflix is here for designing the most unforgettable tailor-made holidays and bringing you closer to the culture and beauty of the country in an appropriate way. We foster a connection to the places we visit, that enable our customers to meet, connect and communicate with the local people. We offer a new perspective of navigating local languages and culture barriers and showing you the hidden gems of Oman.

Toursflix Concern

Our tours are all designed to meet your needs and not ours. Whatever your holiday interests are, Oman can offer you the most thrills and the best favorite memories in a life time.  just take a closer look into the website and view our entire collection of organized tours around Oman. we always advise you individually and competently according to your wishes and ideas.

Toursflix Strength

We only sell our own carefully selected tours, local initiatives and local guides are our partners and together we get you the best collections all in one place. Our tours are the best price possible because we believe that travel should be for everyone which is why our tours are affordable and cheap therefore, we get more and more repeat bookings every year and why so many clients are introduced to our tours by friends who have travelled with us.

Tell us about your thoughts and enquiries, It a matter for us, Stay connected, Your journey to Oman begins here …

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